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You can also transfer with STC Pay even during official holidays from wallet to wallet and local transfer to the following banks:• Read: STC Pay for Local Bank Transfer With STC Pay, you can transfer funds to any account in KSA
7499 riyals Reporting by Saeed Azhar; Editing by David Goodman with a few simple steps on STC Pay you can transfer money from one wallet to another easily and safely

A consortium led by Abdul Rahman bin Saad al-Rashed and Sons Company was also granted permission to establish a local digital bank with capital of 1.

مزايا بطاقة مدى STC PAY الجديدة 1442 واختلافاتها عن البطاقات القديمة
Or is someone sending you funds? STC Pay is a digital wallet that allows you to make all your usual financial transactions securely and effortlessly in one app
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Features of STC Pay STC Pay for International Remittance You can now send money internationally and instantly through your mobile through STC Pay
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SABB STC Pay for Money Transfers Need to transfer money to a friend or a family member? In addition, there are 32 fintech companies operating under the regulatory sandbox environment designed for testing innovative services and products in the kingdom, a central bank statement said
The digital wallet allows you to pay for your purchases from hundreds of thousands of shops, cafes, restaurants, and online stores with just your mobile


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مزايا بطاقة مدى STC PAY الجديدة 1442 واختلافاتها عن البطاقات القديمة
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