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I still mourn the life of my mother's ear View Pavel shall dream dreams
Thank you for watching our video But I can not do this character

I know what my childhood was spent in trouble.

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We'll see at the end of the story, a little boy who kills his father in front of the Razakars
Bangla Natok 2021
One of the main talking about a character in the story
We imagine some of the scenes look at various stages during the Liberation War please subscribe to our channel and press the bell icon to be updated
Any Unauthorized Publishing is Strictly Prohibited Later, you'll realize it was all in his imagination

Have played Mosharraf Karim, Runa Khan, Khairul Alam Tipu, Dew Baby, dukhu Suman, Nizam Liton, subhaktagina Happy, Sohag, Sujoy, seasonal, EF, sky, Maher Farabi, isatiyaka.

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The story seemed like Pavel
Bangla Natok 2021
I might as artist disqualified
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The wife says, I've killed my father can not make such a character I played