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Similarly, the used in and the used as a structural building material are also alloys Raise more capital when necessary to fund further development on a project• During slow cooling, the carbon atoms will no longer be as with the iron, and will be forced to out of solution, into a more concentrated form of iron carbide Fe 3C in the spaces between the pure iron crystals
can be made by adding other elements, such as , , or , resulting in alloys such as or 0 2 🇮🇳 India 99

The secondary constituents are often called solutes.

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" Due to their high reactivity, most metals were not discovered until the 19th century
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Bronze and brass doorknocker Iron is usually found as on Earth, except for one deposit of in , which was used by the people
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Metals Handbook: Properties and selection By ASM International — ASM International 1978 Page 407• Steel is an example of an interstitial alloy, because the very small carbon atoms fit into interstices of the iron matrix
In later times bronze has been used for , , , and These metals were also used to strengthen each other, for more practical purposes
Rapp, George 2009 2016-04-28 at the When the atoms are relatively similar in size, the atom exchange method usually happens, where some of the atoms composing the metallic crystals are substituted with atoms of the other constituent

Pewter The term covers a variety of alloys consisting primarily of tin.

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The first known smelting of iron began in , around 1800 BC
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Where is the Money Going? This alloy, made from copper and tin, was extremely useful to our ancestors because it is much stronger and harder than its component metals