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That alone is worth getting these over clip on lenses No need to line up anything
No need to line up anything Includes a lens, lens cap and a microfiber bag

Rated the 1 mobile lenses 5 years straight by The Wirecutter, Tom's Guide, The Verge, and more.

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I was very excited to try out the wide angle lens for my Samsung Note 9
As of right now, my Moment Lens and the Case I purchased are BOTH worthless
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Then I decided to give it a try outside
That keeps you from being able to toss it in your bag with a little less care, and spend a little less of your anxiety quota for the day worrying about other things in your bag scratching the lens See the difference for yourself
on January 2, 2019 The box looked like it was already open because the tab was pulled out Second I gave it to my wife for Christmas but was not aware that you need a case to go with the lens

I have an iphone x.

It is high end and the images taken on my Note 8 look very good
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The only thing missing from this lens is a cap for the back of the lens
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I also ordered their updated 58mm tele and the new anamorphic