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Dave Kelsey And Stephen Webber from "Timeless" - 1987• Most interstellar clouds are made of , , and Michel, Jane from "The World of American Folk" - 1997• from "It's Not For Me to Say" - 2004• from "This Must Be Earth" - 1970• The measurements were collected by the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer MODIS on NASA's Terra satellite
This table should not be seen as a strict or singular classification, but as an illustration of how various major cloud types are related to each other and defined through a full range of altitude levels from Earth's surface to the "edge of space Altocumulus stratiformis duplicatus at sunrise in the California Mojave Desert, USA higher layer orange to white; lower layer grey Another variety, duplicatus closely spaced layers of the same type, one above the other , is sometimes found with cirrus of both the fibratus and uncinus species, and with altocumulus and stratocumulus of the species stratiformis and lenticularis

Most of the sunlight that reaches the ground is absorbed, warming the surface, which emits radiation upward at longer, infrared, wavelengths.

Cloud Types (With Pictures)
They occur in highly unstable air and often have fuzzy outlines at the upper parts of the clouds that sometimes include anvil tops
The 10 Basic Types of Clouds and How to Recognize Them
[] Sunset clouds Although clouds are composed of ice and water droplets, they don't appear white or transparent as water does either in a liquid or frozen form
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Cloud fraction is the portion of each pixel that is covered by clouds
Conductive, radiational, and evaporative cooling require no lifting mechanism and can cause condensation at surface level resulting in the formation of Yes, I cried throughout the majority of this film, due to the great performance by Fin Argus and the fact that the screenplay by Kara Holden hit all the right chords for me
Johanson, Jay-Jay from "Old Dog" - 2020• The main representative cloud types for each of these forms are , , , , and

This thick cloud layer lacks any towering structure of its own, but may be accompanied by embedded towering cumuliform or cumulonimbiform types.

The 10 Basic Types of Clouds and How to Recognize Them
from "State of Mind" - 2017• Polar mesospheric [ ] over Estonia form at an extreme-level altitude range of about 80 to 85 km 50 to 53 mi
Clouds: A Memoir: Sobiech, Laura: 9781400226726: Books
Carter, Michael L from "Cottonwood Creek" - 2010• Green, Val from "In The Violet Of The Night" -• If the inversion layer is absent or higher in the troposphere, increased airmass instability may cause the cloud layers to develop tops in the form of turrets consisting of embedded cumuliform buildups
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Accessory clouds, by contrast, are generally detached from the main cloud