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While a few people use them, swords become increasingly useless in the higher reaches of the Tower due to high concentrations of dense water-like Shinsu, which replaces air in the Tower and makes broad-bladed weapons unwieldy This is rendered naught when he loses it to Anaak after the Crown Game and Yuri Jahad reclaims it
All of the weapons were forged from the key Jahad used to lock off the 135th floor, so progressing past the 134th floor of the tower requires collecting all of them More fighting Hansung next week

FUG seems to be practically daring the rankers who have been all the way up to floor 134 and back and the government the King and the heads of the Ten Great Families are all rankers themselves, and several families have multiple rankers to do something about it.

Tower of God (Webcomic)
Subverted in that she entered the Tower on purpose to reach the top
Tower of God (Webcomic)
Also the Khuns, who They are so spread out that when two of them meet each other one of them suggests they could be brothers, but who knows? Most of the authority figures are Rankers who gained strength by climbing the for several hundred years and wield the unlimited force that is Shinsu
Tower of God
This finally changes when King Jahad notices Bam and declares a massive war
By extension, all things remotely fishy As everything is changing around us in these times, I only have the utmost respect for my many peers, seniors, and juniors who draw webtoons
The people of the tower live and literally breathe Shinsu, since it makes up their atmosphere instead of air Just 5 Irregulars have entered the Tower in its long history since the ascension of Zahard

While it doesn't do jack, current Jahad lampshades how unexpected it is.

Tower of God (Webcomic)
The overall team lineup changes from arc to arc, with only a handful staying as consistently recurring characters
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The thought of giving my work a negative impact if the hiatus went on for much longer also weighed on me
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